Friday, 11 November 2011

How to clean computer | Maintenance of computer

How to clean computer screen/monitor:

       The monitor, eg, your television screen, Computer screen attracts dust and sticky fingerprints. You can take the anti-static wipes that do double work as screen cleaners. If you have a shock when you touch the screen, suddenly a problem on your workstation. Consider placing a plastic mat under the seat to reduce static build-up. I have noticed that the paper towels work as screen cleaners. Avoid spraying liquid at your monitor of computer. Moisten the cloth and wipe the screen on once a week.

Keyboard Cleaning:

        A Regular cleaning keeps your keyboard looking new. Use a soft cloth, such as a cotton diaper moistened with a mild soap solution to wipe out the keys or use the brush. While you perform the cloth on the plastic casing around the monitor and CPU. Sure to lift the keyboard and substance under the surface of the computer.  Turn the keyboard upside down to shake out crumbs or use a damp q-tip to remove them.
      Avoid allowing water to spry between keys. Keyboards do not like to get soaked. Accidents can happen and I can personally guarantee that if you spill a glass of water on your keyboard, all is not lost. Set the keyboard upside down on a towel. Let it dry overnight and it must be good. If the keyboard does not respond well after an incident off time, call a professional.

Mouse Cleaning:

     The mouse point on the screen as you see the pointing device on a padded surface. When you notice that the mouse pointer does not respond quickly, to know it’s time for a cleaning. Most mice have a small cover that protects the ball hidden in the cabinet. Remove the cover by rotating, shaking the cracker crumbs, and do the ball clean. You must also blow into the ball cage or spray cans feed air into the opening. Replace the ball and set the mouse. Clean the mouse for once a month, especially if your kids are like mine and eat near the Computer.  Please continue it.

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