Monday, 14 November 2011

World's Cheapest Tablet PC | World's Cheapest Tablet

   The HRD ministry on October 5 unveiled its low-cost tablet web access device 'Aakash' which took six years to develop priced at Rs 2276 only, Sporting a 7-inch touch-screen, Aakash runs on Android 2.2 operating software (OS).  According to specifications, it has a high-difinition video co-processor for good multimedia experience.  The device comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and has support for optional 3G modems.  Two full-size USB ports are integrated into the unit.  Aakash can be used as an e-book reader.  A student will be able to access online streaming of course material and web based research.  Produced by Datawind, 1,00,000 tablets would be given out to students over the next year.  Currently the company is producing 700 tablets daily at its Hyderabad facility.  Datawind has set up a manufacturing facility only for Aakash.

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