Monday, 24 October 2011

A TINY CHIP (plastic) Tests Blood, Detects HIV in 15min | The Tiny Chip Used to Detects HIV

         The new Technology.The Scientists of Columbia University in New York,  have developed a portable blood test device, Called mChip (plastic chip), which costs only $1 and looks like a debit card.  The mChip has returned a 95% accuracy for HIV and 76% for detecting syphilis. 

         The mChip uses optics to read fluids by taking a single pin-prick of blood.  It contains 10 detection zones which the blood passes through and then returns a positive or negative result in about 15 minutes.  The result is presented in a simple color-coded manner like pregnancy test, making it easy to use and understand. It has already been authorized for use in Europe. 

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