Tuesday, 25 October 2011


     F1car tyres are differ from ordinary car tyres.  An ordinary car tyre typically has a life of 25,000 km or more.  But the Formula One tyre is designed to last for, at most, 200 km.  Like everything else on the car, the tyre is constructed to be as light and strong as possible.  That means an underlying nylon and polyester structure in a complicated weave pattern designed to withstand far larger forces than road car tyres.  In Formula One racing that means anything up to a tonne of down force, 4g lateral loading's and 5g longitudinal loading.

     The racing tyre is constructed from very soft rubber compounds  which offer the best possible grip against the texture of the racetrack, but obviously wear out very quickly in the process.  If you look at a typical track you will see that, just off the racing line, a large amount of rubber debris gathers.  All racing tyres work best at relatively high temperatures.  These tyres are give fastness for cars in Race.

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