Tuesday, 25 October 2011

ABOUT DOGS | General Facts About DOGS

       Dogs are the faithful friends for human.  Dogs are descendants of wolves. A dog never forgets his master.  Most dogs have poor eyesight but they possess a superb sense of smell.  Of all animals, the dog is perhaps Man's favorite. 
     The only living creature know to have been killed by an extraterrestrial object was a dog, struck dead by a small meteorite.  the animal that traveled in a space flight was a dog.  Its name was "Laika".  It traveled on 3rd November 1957.
     A film called, "The Dog that saved Hollywood" was shown an audience of 100 dogs.
     The Australian dingo is a dog with no bark.  Dingoes have been found scavenging or hunting sheep.  Heaviest domestic dog is the  St. Bernard which weights up to 20 pounds (100kg) and stands 27 inches high at the shoulders.  In mythology, dogs often server as pets or as watchdogs.

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