Monday, 24 October 2011

ABOUT TIGER | General Facts about Tiger

     Tigers are the one of the category of the largest of the big cats. More of the zoo-bred white tigers of the world come from Rewa, Madhya Pradesh (MP), in India.
    Its roar can be heard almost two miles away.  A tiger can go two to three days without eating.  One tiger can eat more than pounds of fresh meat in one sitting.  Tiger have been known to kill and eat Crocodiles.  Tiger is neither a bloodthirsty killer nor a man eater by habit.  Tigers are known to kill prey while swimming.  More tigers have been known to kill and sometimes eat cubs of others males before taking the tigers as its own mate.
     A tiger can spend up to 18 hours sleeping.  It can leap more than 30 feet in a single bound.
     No two tigers have the same pattern of stripes.  If you were to shave the fur from a tiger it would still have stripes. 
     Tigers have excellent vision, estimated at six times better than a human's, that allows them to hunt effectively at night.  The tiger's most developed sense is its hearing. 

Tiger in medicine
  Tiger parts are used in Chinese medicine. 
Brain      -  To cure laziness and Pimples
Blood     -  for strengthening the constipation and will power.
Teeth      -  for rabies, asthma and sores on penis.
Skin        -  To treat mental illness
Tail         -  for various skin diseases.
Fat         -  for vomiting, dog bites, bleeding, haemenorhoids and scalp ailments in children.
Bile        -  For convulsions in children.

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